out of sleep mode

Yes, it's true. I am still alive and well.

I have clearly ignored you over the last two months and I'm sorry for that, but there is a good reason. I've been spending my extra hours on sleeping, training, Ryan, going to a Hornets game here and there(which keeps me up late, and leads to more napping), helping to get my website up, eating, visiting my grandma, swimming....and oh, yeah, more swimming.

My coach has me swimming more than I ever imagined, and surprisingly, I'm enjoying it. Strange, I know. When I began triathlon, I feared the hours I would spend in the pool because I have experienced the classic swimmer burn-out out as a teenager after doing it sooo much for sooo long. But after my long break from it, I find it welcoming. So far so good.

So things got a little hectic here for a while - with all the changes in daily routine and added "stuff" this time of year brings (training changes, sleep patterns, my swim classes starting up in the weee hours). But all is settling down now. I have found my groove and am getting used to it all.

One big change I am actively making this year is to actually let go of the little stuff and try not to let it build up. I have put things more in priority, and find i have to let things slide here and there (yeah, uh...like the blog..) - and not let it bother me (that's the hard part, because i let it build up and it becomes too much). I have to force myself to let it go and ask myself - "will it really matter if i don't do this right now, or at all?" Usually the answer is no, but im so used to just doing it without thinking of the consequences.....like less sleep which leads to more fatigue which leads to more stress, which leads to poor workouts because im so tired, which affects my sleep...... Yeah, it is difficult to break old habits, but after all 9 hours of sleep last night, I feel great and feel the pay-off. It's all good.

So, i'm back. you will hear more from me now that I have settled into my daily routine. And writing on here is definately part of that routine. Unless i need a nap or something!

Talk soon