Back in the saddle again....

Things are lookin' up!
Last week, I took a road trip to Misourri with Ryan since my training was taking a backseat to my breathing anyway - and we needed the time together. We had a good time and it was nice to get out of the pollen here in louisiana and head to the barren midwest where nothing is blooming - yet. we got up there thursday - so I took to the hills on the bike on friday and had a great ride. it was a little tough to get going fast and hard, but it felt great to be out in the country air and climb some hills I dont get to back home unless i drive for over an hour and a half.
Saturday, I took to the run - long and easy (easy seeming to be the theme as of late - BUT easy is better than not at all!!!) and made it - barely. it was tough, but i was glad to have been able to do it at all and it seemed to help me get rid of some of the gradu still taking up residence in my lungs. the weekend went by in a jiff and we were back home sunday night - and i swear as soon as we crossed the border into louisiana, my sinus began to clog again. interesting.
we got home just in time for me to take a few more days off before i could hit any real training again as the fatigue was still following me - and i was going thru a dip as far as excitement for the sport was concerned. this happens a lot to me when i get sick and i am forced to take time off against my will! after about a week, i begin to get bummed and feel like i'm missing my mark and falling behind of everyone else. it drives me NUTS! but the timing worked out well anyway since tuesday was mardi gras!!! needless to say, i hit the streets in new orleans for the day!
so it was back to training oficially on wednesday - and VOILA! I feel great! just when i get a little down on myself, the break does me some good! I had a great training day yesterday and a solid brick this morning and my swimming feels awesome. man i missed that soreness that comes after a hard training session. I love this drug....yeah endorphins!


Hanging in

the past week has been, well, "light" to say the least. I had to take a lot of time off because i got sick, but am now able to do a little stuff, so I am encouraged. I spent the past 8 days either sleeping, organizing my gear, cleaning house, and preparing for the nutrition seminar we did last night at Lakeview. ok, i did a little ligt training in there, but not until the weeeknd really when i could breathe a little easier.
The lecture last night went really well. Catherine Wilbert from The Nutrition Company was a hit. The Nutrition Company is one of my Sponsors and I use a lot of her products because they are all natural and of the highest quality. She is so tuned in to health and nutrition (she's a Neuropathic Doctor after all!) and is such a wealth of information. check out her stuff like the Phytoceutical Formulations Protein Mix's and the Concentrated Superfood - 2 of my favorites among many others.
Anyhoo, just wanted to send a little update. I am hoping to be back on the bike and run by this weekend and then we'll see how well my big base prepared me for this little bump in the road....



I turned 38 yesterday....and guess what I got? BRONCHITIS! YEAH! hahaha....

No really, i have been feeling a bit under the weather lately, but until yesterday, I was glad as I seemed to not be catching all the funk going around....spoke too soon, huh?

So, It's 3AM and I've been up since 1. I took some medicine that I should not have taken I suppose and now I'm up feeling like crap instead of asleep not feeling anything!

A little computer time never hurt anyway. Yesterday was a nice day as I spent the bulk of it with my Grandmother at the Dr's office for her check-up's. then we went to lunch at Commander's Palace - YUMMY! I indulged a bit - then did it again last night when Ryan took me out with my Dad and Step Mom where I had the lobster and a brownie sundae- YUMMY AGAIN! I don't think I will be eating again anytime soon.

I am waiting for 5am now to teach my spin class, then I can come home and go back to bed. I will be taking a "sick day" today and am looking forward to it.

BTW, Hank is doing well. He is still in the ICU, but making strides. Please keep praying for him :-)


hey, there's ICE on my pull buoy!!

OH WEEE....it was a frigid morning here. Wednesday morning always starts off with coaching swim practice at 5:30 am followed by my own long threshold swim workout. This morning, it was 20 degrees when i left the house - and i would swear it dropped a bit while i was on deck at about 6 am. there was ice on the pool covers that were taken off the pool just an 1/2 hour before practice started....
you see, dowm here in the south, we all have outdoor pools - you can only find indoor pools at local universities - like LSU or UNO - both of wich are too far away for me to go to regularly. all the other pools around are oudoor, and a handful of them are heated. and thank goodness for that! The water was cozy, but I got a kick out of the frozen banana I had for a sanck and the ice on my pull buoy and kickboard. a bit of a chill between the legs when it was time to pull :-)

1/2 Marathon...

I ran the Mardi Gras 1/2 marathon - officially UN-officially. They sold out of the 1/2 when it was time for me to sign up at the las minute, so I was able to get in for the 5k - and I just kept on running. I needed the long run, and I wanted to see where I was since I have only been back to running for 4 weeks since dealing with this heel pain. The pain is still there, not as bad, but still there. I am managing it well and I think i have a grasp on it, but like I said - still there and I am keenly aware of that.

I ran a 1:27 and that's a PR for me. No one was more suprised as I was! I just went out with hopes of pulling off a 1:30, but once I got started, i realized i could just hover right under my threshold compoftably, so i went with it. that, in conjunction with the great cool weather - well, it just was a fast day for me.

So, I'll take it. It was a much needed boost for me as I feel like the training is starting to come together, but I have been doubting my run - not so much anymore!

An update on my friend Hank - He is doing OK, but is still struggling with the up's and down's of recovery. One minute it looks good, the next minute, a new challenge arises. He is still in the ICU and suffering for sure, but he is tough and faithful. He will get through this, I just know it.