it's 5:13am and i have been at a near standstill on hwy 11 about 1.2 miles from the park where transition is. i decided to get my phone out and write a little to take my mind off the incredibly poor parking situation and the possibility that i may not even bet to the park by 6. there are countless cars behind me, not to mention in front of me...with apparently only one way in. i'm not worried about the setup and all (unless i'm out here another 90 minutes....) but the idea of being in a car sitting for over and hour before a half ironman isn't too comforting. surely i will not have the time to loosen up all this stiffness whenever i get 2 the park...i guess it wouldnt matter is i was racing age group with an 8:00 start time, but since l'm pro, it's first wave at 7am.
I've moved .3 mile in the past 10 minutes according to my GPS...man, I gotta pee :-)
more to come post race. lets hope for a good day.

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ok, so my phone died....so the idea of keeping posts up to date -using my phone didn't work so well eithr...

so I made it to NH and had a great night's sleep at my homestay's house in Belmont. then it was up to put the bike together and take a little time for rest. this is the first time since i have been back from colorado that i have actually just sat around and been a bum. i like it..i need it....but now i have an itch to go out and train and do something. i plan to head to Gilford (the race site) for a little swim/bike/run later today to get some blood movin.

the weather here is not their normal summer weather - it's actually humid and overcast today, about 70-80 degrees, which is right up my alley! I was afraid of it being really dry here which does a number on my lungs, but looks good for now. Here's to humidity!

It looks like Hurricane Bill will add some more wind and rain to the race this sunday as they expect it to skirt the coast. that should make things really interesting :-) Let's just hope it stays offshore like they predict it to.

well, gotta go eat some lunch...stomache's growlin'


Off Again...

Ok, now Ilm off to New Hanpshire for the Timberman 70.3 (that would be a half ironman for all you non-triathletes :-)
As I sit in the New Orleans airport sipping my awesome PJ's coffee before I go to my gate, I have come to the conclusion that if I wait until I get the chance to sit down at my computer and catch up on all of my emails, update my blog...and not to mention update my ever out-dated website...if I wait, it will NEVER happen. I give in. I am so far behind on my computer, I dont think I will ever catch up. Not to be negative, just realistic. I think maybe I keep avoiding it since I know how long it will take to do it all...maybe. I dunno. So here I am typing my little texting fingers away as I await boarding. I should have figured this out long ago.
at least i can keep my blog up 2 date
the one thing about using my phone to post on here is that i have limited characters.....so i will have to continue on another post...which i will do today as i continue my travels.

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Maybe I'm not so good at multi-tasking afterall....

that about says it all. i can do a lot of stuff, but i need time to do it all.

i have been non stop since getting back home taking care of many of the things that got away from me while i was gone. and i am truly overwhelmed.

I am flying out in the morning for Timberman in New Hampshire...and just rented a car that costs way too much in my opinion. what is up with all these TAXES. over 60% in taxes & fees. give me a break. im not a fan of raising taxes more. we're already getting screwed. and i dont make enough $$ to really get taxed on my income either and i feel this way....makes me wonder what people r thinking when they say its ok to keep upping the tax. hope nancy pilosi likes her brand new fancy jets and cushy healthcare. must be nice to have all our $$ to spend friviously, and i cant even afford a new plant.

just my thoughts.

oh, and anyone seen my altitude buzz? ive been home since friday and I can't seem to find it. maybe it's in New Hampshire!



this was my view this morning as I sipped my coffee before going for a swim...


WOW! what a day.

Climbed (by car) to the top of Mount Evans today - what a spectacular sight! 14,000 feet above sea level.

here are some pics from the day. as you can see, we saw some creatures along the way, like the mountain goat just hangin' out on a rock...



This morning we packed the car to head to Boulder for a little brick, then it's off to Mount Evans...


Colorado...week 2


I topped off my final week of hard training in Colorado with a solo loop around rist canyon. The 5430 is in a week, so i will have a lighter week coming up, then a few hard rides just after the race -- before i drive home. I did rist last year with Salty and Theresa, so I knew what to expect I suppose. It was great - about 12 miles straight up from 3-4% to 14% - maybe higher at some points, but I'm not looking at the computer when its that steep :-)

I was happy with how the ride went, but after I got my massage, Gary Blackden (my Colorado massage guy -- mucho good!) told me he does that ride about an hour faster than me! OK, bubble burst. I did stop a few times here and there for pic's, and hit the brakes on the way down a lot....only because i was afraid and didnt know where the hairpin turnes were...plus, i still can't breathe well at 7 -8,ooo ft....but an hour? OK, whatever....

After 2 weeks of lots of hills, I am looking forward to a full day off tomorrow. much deserved, and much needed! It's amazing how I can load my training here more than at home in louisiana. Back home, I need 2 full days off when mileage and intensity increase, making it difficult to get it ali in in 5 days. The cooler temps here, along with low humidity, allow me to train more, and recover faster I suppose, so I can handle the load without totally blowin' myself up. interesting...