easing out of an injury

It's no secret that I've basically been injured since a few months before Kona in 2012.  Yeah, that's a
long time, I know.  BUT apparently that's what happens when you get hurt and you're over 40.  I can't really remember a specific episode where the injury occurred, but I do remember it starting to bother me, and my continuing to run long on it.  I remember my final long run when it really bothered me thinking that that would have to be the last run I do for a while....

Anyway, so here I am a year and a half later with what I would like to believe as the tail end of this long episode.  After Kona in 2012, I had some really great running for a few months, but another injury in the same hip reared it's ugly head and limited me once again - this time I had to deal with it all last season.  It was a bummer, but at least I got to swim, bike, run....right?  better slow than not at all...

So after making it through 2013 Vegas 70.3, I took a break, put my tri bike away, and lightened up a little.  I still taught spin classes, swam a couple of times a week, and ran...but just for the sake of it.  Then the holidays came and I realized some things.  First, no speed work or weight training on the legs for over a year made me weak as well as ride and run slow.  I didn't like that.  I even tried to strengthen the hamstrings a few times over the months, but it seemed everything I did set the injury off again and I would be forced to take time off of running.... I didn't like that.  And, I felt sluggish.  I didn't like that either.  And my skinny jeans made me feel really fat.  Nope, didn't like that either. 

So I knew I needed to make some changes if I ever wanted to recapture some of my speed - the first one was to get the hip better. Of course,  logically, that is what MUST happen.  LOL.  I decided it JUST had to happen, there you have it.  So, naturally, I signed up for ST CROIX 70.3 in May.  LMAO!!  Certainly, now that I've decided that the hip pain will be gone, I would be trained and ready to race hard and hilly by May. hmmmm. 12 weeks. I signed up.  It's scheduled.

OK, so it's on now.  I'm not the type to sign up for a race and just cruise into it - or bail if I'm hurt.  If I paid, I'm going.  I decided I've spent enough time healing - so maybe I just needed to suck it up.  Maybe (just maybe) my hamstring pain has been due to weakness since I haven't done strength maintenance in so long??  I had nothing else to go with...

So I started reading everything I could on my hip -- Hamstring tendonitis, Ischeal Tuberosity pain and Bursitis...I sticked, rolled, massaged, iced, hot tubbed, stretched - I've been doing it all...the good bad and the ugly.

So here's what has happened since....I've been able to do 3 speedwork sessions without serious problems (WOOT!!!)  (My first speedwork in over a year).  My best one was today.  And other than feeling like I was gonna puke, all went well.  It's definitely LOVE/HATE. It wore me out this morning - so much so I skipped my weights since I was so spent. 

So, for now, I've come to terms with he hip and now believe the issue lies in the Ischeal Bursa.  My hamstring it tight, but not hurt.  This bursa however, is pissin me off.  I want to stick a dagger in it to make it go away.  That'll help, right?

So that's where I stand.  I've decided to grab the bull by it's horns, go all in, and see what happens.  It's all I've got.  No more fear or sitting back.  I'll be patient and cautious, or course. Aggressive in re-strengthening and rebuilding the leg strength with stretching and recovery taking a larger role.  I'm determined now...

I suppose I should put the chocolate covered blueberries away, huh?


And you thought I had too many hats?

how about 43 shoes?

yeah, I spend a lot of time in these shoes...
Any suggestions to where I send the ones I phase out?


I'm a visor girl...

ok, I admit.  I have a problem. 
I can't get away from an expo without a visor or a pair of socks. 
Even though I have given many hats and visors away, I still have a lot - but never too many.  And even though I never wear them, I find it hard to part with the finisher Headsweats hats from all of my Ironman races through the years.  I covet them like medals...
and yes, there are 43 in the picture :)
Today, I ran some baby hills and swam.... 
The Rock N Roll Marathon was today in NOLA, but I sat it out.   
Honestly, I'd rather just run for the love of running, tend to my rehab and work on regaining my strength and speed slowly and carefully. 


43 flowers

43 flowers delivered to my door to brighten my day. 
Yes, I counted.
There were actually 42 - Can you tell where I added a pansy to make it work? lol

Today I took the ole Orbea out for a ride...and ended up with 80 miles by noon.
 It was a little chilly - honestly, riding in temps below 50 goes against everything I believe in, but I took off at 47 degrees anyway and it warmed up nicely - 72 when I got home.
since getting home, I've managed to pig out on pita bread and some goodies leftover from my trip to Whole Foods yesterday, plop in my chair and flip thru channels realizing how much it sucks football isn't on anymore. Then, I found myself counting the months to August when It starts up again.  Too long.  Fortunately, Paul Blart, Mall Cop is on.

oh, CEEPO, where art thou?  maybe just a couple of weeks away...


43 days

43 days.
43 blog posts. 
43 years.
It all starts today.
so what happens within the next 43 days?  a lot. 
For one, I turn 43.
and today starts a 43 day countdown to finding my speed legs for
 The Shamrockin 8k in New Orleans. 
It's on.



anyone seen my MOJO?

So far, I think I'm on the right track. 

Life is good.  New influences in my life are positive and exciting, and it's doing me a lot of good.  only had one night of drinking since Jan 2nd...and I've been laying off the chocolate... most of the time.

The hip/hamstring seems to be on the mend as well.  It's still there, yeah, but I actually did my first run speed workout in who knows how long - and it hurt so good.  It was only 200's, but just having those legs move fast was awesome.  And the hammy didn't scream back.  I have Drew (massage therapist) at Franco's (www.myfrancos.com) to thank for a lot of that too..thanks Drew!!

I've increased my bike mileage (although indoors because I'm a sissy with all of my toenails right now) trying to regain some strength in my legs I've lost over the past year while tending to this hip.  I miss my squats and my strong quads and hamstrings dearly - one day they will be back.  Right now, I'm happy to do bridges and leg lifts and feel some fatigue...but it's nothing like that burn I felt when my legs were shot from climbing....one day hopefully.

As of 2 weeks ago I was down 4lbs since Christmas, which is another good sign that my MOJO is close by somewhere.  I haven't been on the scale since because numbers really don't matter to me, but I can tell you this - I have some more work to do since I still can't comfortably button my jeans.  I hate that.  That keeps me on track if nothing else.  Well, kinda. 

So the schedule is working itself out now.  Here's the plan thus far: TO GET MY RUN BACK!

Shamrockin' Run 8k - March
Crescent City Classic 10k - April
St. Croix 70.3 - May
Gulf Coast Tri (half)  - May
Buffalo Springs 70.3 - June


2014.  Here we go.

I have not been blogging as much as I wanted to over the past few years - so I will use the new years resolution thing to light a fire under me and get me talking and sharing.

Some really good things happened in 2013, but nothing to brag on about or desperately hang on to.  I had some good races and some not so good races, met some great people, navigated through injuries, and kept moving forward.  That's a pretty good year I'd say.  Just moving forward is a blessing.

There is one thing from 2013 I hope to kiss off however.  The extra pounds I have crept on over the year as I have been consuming LIFE.  It seems as if the sweets and booze from the holidays made it all that much worse too,  so my new year will be starting like most others - with a weight loss goal.  A little less (or different rather) life consumption for now...I understand that saying I need to drop a few pisses off a lot of people.  You see, although I am carrying extra pounds around, I know I am still fit, and healthier, and smaller than the average Jane....and my spitting out that I need to shed a few lbs seems to get people agitated.  whatever.  Remember, I used to be a big girl.  I will never go back there....

Here's what I know.  I am running slow.  I feel sluggish.  I don't fit in my jeans.  My jogbras are tighter.  My boobs feel huge (control the laughter) and move too much when I run.  yuck. 

So here's my goal for January - 8 servings of fruit and veggies every day.  If I can hit that mark, I'm gonna be ready come March.  It's out there now, and I'm on it.  Enough about that. 

Onto what's important...

TEAM ZOOT 2014! 

I have been blessed to be asked to continue on with ZOOT as a team captain for the Southeast/Gulf Coast Region of Team Zoot.  Myself, along with co-captain Kerry Mowlan in Florida, will be leading 20 of the most awesome ZOOT teammates/representatives across the region and we will be out in full force this season!  This is an awesome way to start the season! 

It's no secret I am a fan of ZOOT, as I have always loved the company, the people, and especially the product.  Born in Kona, ZOOT IS the sport of triathlon.  They have been there from the beginning - long before most everyone in the sport today ever heard of a triathlon.  I am honored to part of it.