15 days and counting....

I am going INSANE.

If I tried to run, I probably could. But at what cost? pain all season? half-ass running all year? possibly causing more damage....

The heel is better, but the pain is still lingering. I have been going through my usual internal battle between good and evil - good being to rest it more and evil being that drive to train thru the pain.

Last week, I swam 34,000 yards. I have not swum (is that a word?) that much since i was a teenager. It felt great to swim that much - i felt strong all week - and i dropped a few pounds too(?)!! but I'm not sure I want to do that again! but maybe i will....

so anyway, that's where I am. swim and bike....swim and bike.....swim and bike.....



I love recovery weeks!

I'm lying in bed with my computer propped up watching Ellen on TV. What a Wednesday! Recovery weeks are good for the brain....

I was up a lot last night with my new foot brace on. It's a little bulky, so it was sorta uncomfortable. I went to get my foot checked out yesterday- and low and behold it's a bad case of plantar fascitus (how do you spell that word anyway?). So, I got a big shot (OUCH), and new brace, and strict orders not to run for at least a week. Not too bad, huh? I was prepared to take off more than that, so I was glad to hear the outcome...

So it's Wednesday and I'm chillin' after waking up at 5am to coach. I took a nap when i got home at 7 and have been shooting emails off and burning christmas CD's since I got up. I still have to ......ahem, excuse me, I mean " I still get to" ...... swim and ride today, but i'm in no hurry.

check you later



I'm in stop mode now. Lots of athletes go thru the ups and downs of aches and pains, and we toe that fine line between the usual ache and unusual pain. I have officially entered the bad pain zone, although I always advise others to keep from getting to that point! I could use a bit of my own advice I suppose!
I am writing this morning with a block of ice on the floor next to a foot bath full of hot water in which my feet are happily soaking. Soon it will be back to the ice again....and then back and forth.
I have been having the ugly ache for a while, but decided to run the Larry Fusiler 25k yesterday anyway. I could have made the better choice to sleep in then ride my bike again, but I figured what the heck, I'll run Well, NOW she pays!

So, training for today includes a LOT of therapy and no running. maybe a little hobbling around!



Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow...

I can't recall the last time I saw this much snow here. it snowed Christmas day in '04, but that was just a little bitty bit. a beautiful day in Cajun Country! It all started with a great spin class in the morning, then Jeri and I watched the pouring cold rain turn into snow flurries from the weight room at Franco's. This was 6:30 am. By 8 it was a full on snow - and it didn't stop until after noon.

Now for some of you, this is no big deal, but for us tropical fish down here in HOT and HUMID land, it's a sight. Schools are out, offices are closed and kids are out and about playing in the snow.

I live about 6 blocks from Lake Ponchatrain and after being home for most of the morning, I decided to finally venture out to see the snow around town. I avoided this until later on because this is Louisiana (remember...?) and people here don't see snow a lot, and they surely dont know how to drive in it. I mean, the news was on all day talking about the weather and the wrecks around town! This place was going crazy!

Well, the views were remarkable. At my house, the ground was covered and the cars had a couple of inches.....then I went 2 blocks towards the lake and there was not a drop of snow on the ground. Nothin. The snow falling was more like mush. I was amazed at the warming effect the lake has on temperatures 4 and 5 blocks away.

Then I drove towards covington - north - and this was a sight! It was absolutely beautiful. My dad lives in Covington (where they had at least 5 inches) and he said they were losing limbs off of trees all over since they are not used to all the weight from the snow. apparently they can handle the slapping around by Cat 4 hurricane force winds...but a little snow - and it's over!

So, needless to say, i didn't get a run in which is probably a blessing because i'm nursnig some heel pain, and swimming - well, i took a snow day there too. i needed the day off anyway...... so i went for a massage instead!