Ryan's B-day

OK, this was a while ago...but I have to post it! for Ryan's birthday, Granny took him to brunch at Commanders Palace in New Orleans and well, he cleaned his plate! It was a lot of fun...


It's amazing what a little break from training and racing.....and a new bike will do for you!

Since my move in May, things have been so crazy that my training got a little skewed, but then, I settled in and the past 2 weeks of trainng have been GREAT!

I LOVE my new bike. In Fact, I AM IN LOVE WITH MY NEW BIKE :-) Isn't she pretty?
I have had it for 4 weeks now, and I love it more and more each day.
As usual with a new position, the saddle and I have a few issues, but that alwaws takes a little more time. The first time I got on the bike, I felt like it was made for me - I just molded to it. Oh my gosh, I am so comfortable - and excited to ride! I've beeen RE-BORN!
Training is back in full swing now as I begin gearing up for the 5430 in Boulder in August. That race will begin the second half of the season where I plan to finish it off with an Ironman in November. I am ready to take the bull by the horns - feeling healthy, strong and ready to go!
What a difference a BIKE makes :-)


Still Alive....and Kickin'

Oh my GOSH...things have been so crazy. I dont have much time, so I'll give it all to you in a nutshell. I've been training and racing- did IMNO 70.3 - did OK, not great, but not aweful...then I did some smaller races locally...then Crawfishman...then Gulf Coast Triathlon....then Memphis in May....then I took a break. I needed it.

But then my break got very busy as Ryan and I moved. what a pain moving is - but it is nice to be in a bigger place. Have not been able to catch up on sleep though as there is always sonething to do. as a matter of fact, i feel like I sould be doing something other than writing on my blog right now....but anyway....

so the last few weeks I have been holding onto my fitness the best I can whils getting settled in and tring to figure out the rest of the race season.

Now, the highlight of the first half of the season you ask???
Well, I won my first Pro Race! Big deal for little ol' me!
ok, well, gotta go....for now