If I eat another Love Bug...


They are everywhere! these pesky little flying creatures that are smashed all over the front of my car - are a real problem on the bike. and they hurt when they smack you in the face! just venting today....


Where I am

Well, I made it.

10 weeks of super hard training, and now it's taper time. This morning started with a 2k swim, a massage, then a big breakfast of eggs, leftover pot roast, and grits. now, i'm down for a nap. tough, isn't it? ha!

The past few months have taken a lot out of me. It has been an emotional as well as a physical journey to do all of the training along with other necessary day to day activities (like eat, sleep, work.....) but i have done it and i feel a sence of relief and accomplishment. Even more than my other Ironman's, this one is sweeter. I have prepared harder and smarter for this one, and when it all comes together on race day, it will mean more than anything. no matter what the day holds.

My last long run was yesterday - and as goofy as it sounds, it was an emotional closure to this phase. it was one of the toughest runs mentally - to push through the fatiugue, and just go. and now it's behind me, and it's time to rest and prepare.....



2008 Specialized Pro Raffle

Cullen Talley

First I would like to thank everyone who helped make this fundraiser a success. Without them this event and fundraiser would not have been possible.
§ Christopher Boggs (and his wife, Amanda) and SRS Wealth Management Group Inc.
§ The Spokesman in Mandeville
§ The Hartford
§ The Silver Spoon
§ Fleet Feet of Baton Rouge
§ And EVERYONE who bought a raffle ticket
For the drawing last night, we had a small event in Baton Rouge where believe it or not - the winner was present! It was a nice evening with great food and Chris had me speak about Germany and the ITU World Championships and my upcoming races including Kona and Clearwater. I was feeling a bit tired and scatterbrained (down right fatigued from peak mileage training right now), but i think i was able to get some things across. it is the strangest thing - but when I am tired, and it's after 8pm, I lose my grip....and it's hard for me to even think, let alone get a point across. It's actually kinda funny! anyhoo...
Overall, the training is going well right now. I am healthy and strong and I have 11 more days of hard mileage and intensity. Then, I begin my taper. I am looking forward to the extra time I will have during the taper, as training seems to suck the time out of my day.
Since my last Ironman in 2005, I have changed my training plan to include more running and another "endurance day" which i think is paying off big time. I have also included another recovery day to my training week. This is why i have such a hard time getting things in during training days - because i have 5 days to do it all. But, it's worth it. The time off is essential for the body and the brain - i believe it keeps me focused and healthy. and so far so good....