I crawled out of my hole yesterday and met my old college roomate (well, she may be older, but she's not old...)for lunch at an old favorite Port-O-Call in new orleans with her son, her brother and her nephew....a cute red-headed lot, don't you think?

scoots and zoots

somebody loves my stinky feet!!

Yeah, yeah, I know.....I fell off the planet again.

I'm still here, and feeling pretty damn good if I dont say so myself. As most of you know, i have a terrible time with allergies this time of year and I am usually very ill for about 2 months right about now...but thanks to my allergy doc - Steele Rolston - we seemed to have found another way to ward off the bugs - nose sprays! I hate them, but they work, so I love them!

So things have been going on swimmingly - I have had a few little springtime ups and downs with all the little bugs floating around, but nothing that has totally wiped me out. I have been managing my plantar fasciatis with my trigger point stuff and my massage guy mike and it seems to be stabilizing...but still there....other than that, I seem to be trained well for IMNO which is exactly 1 week from today! I am not feeling really fast yet - but if things go as planned, that should start to happen by next weekend...

This morning, Ryan and I woke early to go ride the course and do a little run - or at lease we intended to..... we drove to the lakefront which is about 45 minutes away and we found there to be 30+ mp winds (note : the water had a life of it's own) - and all I had was my disc wheel....so we made the quick decision to call it a morning and head home go back to bed then go to church instead! what a great idea!

So now that my nap and church have come and gone and I was just preparing for my postponed ride when I noticed something not quite right with my fork....so I think i will call it again, and go for a run today instead. I wanted to ride today, but not until i can get this thing checked out. never a good idea to ride a bike with an wobbly fork, is it? I think not.

So, all of you getting ready to head here for the race - prepare for wind! it has been non stop wind and chop here in new orleans which will prove to be a tough race for all of us. I swam the course the other day, and well, i felt slow, and i was slow for me....we'll see what happens in a week!