Crawfishman Triathlon

1st overall female
6th overall


Another fast day - this time at home in LOUISIANA! Once again, Crawfishman has put on the best race around- with a great venue, fast slightly hilly race course, great post race grub, and,of course, the best coldest beer and frozen margarita's ever!
the race:
there was a lot of fog on the swim and the water was a chilly 80 degrees (ok, i know, 80 isn't cold to you, but it's cold to me!) -so it was the first non-wetsuit swim of the year. the fog was so thick, i could only see 4 of the 8 buoy's from the start and jus ta couple of kayaks. it was like swimming into the great unknown wondering where you would end up - but sure enough, all 8 buoy's were there with lots of kayakers and race support out there to keep us on course.
it was a great swim - i just kept the other pink caps around me in sight and moved right along - giving my friend kenny a double-take and a smile on the kayak. i wasn't expecting to see him out there on a boat!...i figured he'd be racing! i think i was the first girl out of the water....
onto the bike.....the bike was fast and had plenty of rolling hills. i proceded to pass many of the guys who started before me - only one guy passed me on the bike, that would be " big jim " - and i knew i could hang on if i pushed it (staying 3 bike lenghts back, of course!) so....i did..... and i ended up having a great bike. it went by in a jiffy...and onto the run....
i had another fast transition, and ran out for the run feeling good. that is, until the first hill. i have yet to hun hils this year, so i struggled on the up's. i couldn't wait for the downhills! i made it through though, with w 6:36/mile average, so i'll take it. i definately need some more hills before Memphis in May!!

I was really happy with today's outcome, especially since my mileage has picked up. i figured i would be tired, which i was, but i still had some speed under my belt. my big races are still to come, and i hope to keep the ball rolling......keepin' on keepin' on....c

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