Concreteman Triathlon

Springfield, MO

1st Place Female, 6th Overall

After flying home Wednesday from San Francisco, I hopped in the car and drove 10 hrs. up to Missouri to visit Ryan and do Concreteman - a race we did for the first time last year and liked well enough. We were both still recovering from Vineman, so we weren't expecting much but to do the race and have a good time. The womens field at this race wasn't stacked the year before, so unless someone showed up out of the norm, I figured I could win it pretty easily even though I was tired and probably would run slow....and there was a little cash for the overall, so at least I could pay for the gas getting up there and home!

First thing first - as soon as I made it to Springfield, Ryan met me at Nakato for dinner. This is his favorite place to eat and mine too in that area. Something about the seafood sauce there...after dinner, we went over to Andy's for some frozen custard which I must say has become an absolute favorite of mine! I thought the midwest fascination with frozen custard was a little weird at first(there seemes to be custard shops on every corner), but I'm starting to get it now. I mean, that stuff is good, and I'm glad there's nothing like it at home or I'd be in trouble!!! my favorite - the apple pie sundae. apparently, it's a seasonal thing and I have to wait until winter to get it again (which i'm not very happy about) but i will just have to wait....

Ok, back to the race....saturday....the race was pretty good. the swim was nice, the bike was hilly and fun, and the run was hot and hard. I just felt aweful on the run, and had to take it easy, but as I expected there were no other women around - which was cool. when i finished, i headed out for a few more miles, but went 1/2 mile and turned around. I was done and my body didn't want to go anymore. ryan said he felt just as bad....hmmmm... there's something to that recovery thing!

I have about one more week to chill out and enjoy the extra time of recovery.....because Kona training will start up soon and consume me.....


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Miller said...

Are you competing in the concreteman this year? When you beat me it motivates me to work harder. I finished right behind you last year. I am just a runner trying to find a place in the triathlon world.