So Far....So Good

Ironman training is coming along well. despite a few of the usual aches and pains, I am feeling good and recovering well from my high mileage workouts.
A little background - I have done 3 Ironman races in my past - IM Florida in 2003 (11:43), IM Florida in 2004 (11:15) and IM Lake Placid in 2005(12:08). This distance has always been a challenge for me. the training has always left me a little "wounded" and exhausted and I have never been able to put in the time or the miles I wanted to. But I always did enough to finish. That's part of the reason I haven't done an Ironman in the last 2 years. I wanted to take the time to get faster, stronger, and leaner while doing long- yet not "damaging" long- training and racing. I picked the 70.3 (half-ironman) distance for that reason, and it has paid off. I have brought my time down a lot in that distance and have given my body the time to develop the systems to go long. And it's more than just muscles -the basic metobolic systems (on the cellular level) your body has to build takes years, and I am a prime example of that. Base building doesn't just happen in 6 months. for me, it took consistant years. Among many changes since 2002 - my lower body has become much stronger, my swimmers shoulders have gotten smaller, my core is stronger, my mind is stronger, my RHR is lower, i lost weight, i sleep better, i eat better - and i get to eat more!......

So now I am facing my first Ironman distance training program in 2 years, after taking that time to build. it is by far the most challenging program I have ever put together. Today, I am 2 weeks in, and I feel great. The long solo bikes I look forward to. the long runs - don't hurt as much. yeah, after 2.5 hrs of running, things ache, but I'm still moving well and feeling good. even better, my heartrate is in a good steady zone. the swimming - piece of cake, just need to put the miles in. i get a little bored usually, but I am so excited about going to Kona, a million things keep my mind occupied. I just think about how well I want to be prepared to have a good day....

Today starts week 3 and I have a recovery day. I'm off to see Mike Aldridge (my massage therapist) for a little work on my right ankle and glutes. He is for sure a key component to effective triathlon training and recovery. I am not sure I could do all of this without him. seriously. He keeps me running and injury free - which is sooo important when the miles add up.

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