Weekend with ZOOT

What a fun weekend at camp - great to meet everyone else on the Zoot Ultra Triathlon Team (at least those who made the trip to Carlsbad) and the top Brass at Zoot . We spent the majority of the time in meetings and presentations of product from Zoot and some of the associated team sponsors - Gu, Suunto, Scott, and Fuel Belt. We also took some solo and team pictures - here's hoping my lovley "hat-head" doesn't show too badly.....I'm not optimistic about that... :-)
The highlight of the weekend was learning more about Zoot - how it began, where it came from, and how it has grown over the past 25 years into the most dominant triathlon apparrel company in the world. It was especailly great to learn about the new shoe line and the construction of these tri-specific shoes and what went into their design and purpose. I also learned a lot about the WetZoot - and that when i tried one on a year back, it was actually too big, and that's why the water got in !!! I know that sounds stupid.....and I guess I could have figured that out if i tried on a small - but i never guessed I would fit in a small anything, much less a wetsuit made to fit someone who weighs a max of 120lbs.(I'm 130) - so i didnt even considder it. but it fit me after all, and although the chart reads a max height of 5'7", it also fit another girl who was a thin and tall 5'9". so why am i telling you this?? well, if you are loking for a new wetsuit, and you give the WetZoot a try - think small - especially if you are between sizes. I think this will give you the best result and a comfy fit.
anyway, I'm not trying to sell you anything (ok, maybe a little...)......but those were just some of the many things i took from the day.
4 days in California, and for four days I ate mexican at least once. Man, they do it right out there. Here in Louisiana, it seems mexican and grease go hand in hand. But out there, mexican and fresh go together. Everything I ate was so good - and I never guessed I could have eaten mexican that often and had my tummy not go sour! That would never happen here. Everything I ate out there felt healthy - even the Pizza! I still can't get over it.
On monday it was finally time to say farewell to the cool dry air and head home to the sticky muggies - a long day waiting in the LA airport with a 3 hour layover and a midnight arrival in new orleans. It was back to reality after a nice break - back to training and daily life as I know it. I jumped right back into a hard day on tuesday, and was quickly reminded that I had been sick and my lungs were still not normal. I guess I hoped the time in Cali would completely cure me....i was wrong. These things take time and patience - more than just getting rid of a cold....But i do think the trip helped overall. I am definately motivated to train harder and am more excited about the year and the opportunities I've been given. I have been truly blessed....
So this morning, after 12 hours of sleep on wednesday and some lower intensity stuff since, it's now friday - and this is the first day my resting HR is back to normal. Life is GOOD.

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BreeWee said...

Bummers... I would have loved to been at the Zoot camp. Glad you had fun & hope you get yourself back together soon! See you in Florida!