Where I am

Well, I made it.

10 weeks of super hard training, and now it's taper time. This morning started with a 2k swim, a massage, then a big breakfast of eggs, leftover pot roast, and grits. now, i'm down for a nap. tough, isn't it? ha!

The past few months have taken a lot out of me. It has been an emotional as well as a physical journey to do all of the training along with other necessary day to day activities (like eat, sleep, work.....) but i have done it and i feel a sence of relief and accomplishment. Even more than my other Ironman's, this one is sweeter. I have prepared harder and smarter for this one, and when it all comes together on race day, it will mean more than anything. no matter what the day holds.

My last long run was yesterday - and as goofy as it sounds, it was an emotional closure to this phase. it was one of the toughest runs mentally - to push through the fatiugue, and just go. and now it's behind me, and it's time to rest and prepare.....

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