2008 Specialized Pro Raffle

Cullen Talley

First I would like to thank everyone who helped make this fundraiser a success. Without them this event and fundraiser would not have been possible.
§ Christopher Boggs (and his wife, Amanda) and SRS Wealth Management Group Inc.
§ The Spokesman in Mandeville
§ The Hartford
§ The Silver Spoon
§ Fleet Feet of Baton Rouge
§ And EVERYONE who bought a raffle ticket
For the drawing last night, we had a small event in Baton Rouge where believe it or not - the winner was present! It was a nice evening with great food and Chris had me speak about Germany and the ITU World Championships and my upcoming races including Kona and Clearwater. I was feeling a bit tired and scatterbrained (down right fatigued from peak mileage training right now), but i think i was able to get some things across. it is the strangest thing - but when I am tired, and it's after 8pm, I lose my grip....and it's hard for me to even think, let alone get a point across. It's actually kinda funny! anyhoo...
Overall, the training is going well right now. I am healthy and strong and I have 11 more days of hard mileage and intensity. Then, I begin my taper. I am looking forward to the extra time I will have during the taper, as training seems to suck the time out of my day.
Since my last Ironman in 2005, I have changed my training plan to include more running and another "endurance day" which i think is paying off big time. I have also included another recovery day to my training week. This is why i have such a hard time getting things in during training days - because i have 5 days to do it all. But, it's worth it. The time off is essential for the body and the brain - i believe it keeps me focused and healthy. and so far so good....

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rocketboy said...

congrats on not just a great year, but on the turn around that your life has made. i say this as i can completely relate. i started a little before you, but from the same background of swimming...near alcoholism, smoking like a chimney (pack+ a day) etc. etc.
i will be following your progress in kona and clearwater, and call anytime you are up in BR and want to catch a ride or run.
pat fellows