Still Resting

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OK, so far so good. I am still directed (by me) to rest as i don't want this stuff to turn into anything i cant race with.....so i am laying in bed on saturday morning at 8 am, which is something i haven't done in i cant can't tell you how long! it's nice, but i want to go ride my bike. but i won't. Ryan's out running.......
instead, i am going to ironman.com to read all the stuff on Kona. Oohh...i'm getting excited. I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the race. visualizing my day. it's going to be a good day, whatever happens.

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Tri-ing Fat Man said...

I know what will hppen . . .

You will kick ass, that is what WILL happen!!!!!!!!

Look forward to seeing you and Ryan in a few!!!!!