Taper Time

It's a good thing, the taper. 3 full weeks (well, a little longer) backing down the mileage before the big day. Finally, the light at the end of the tunnel. I wondered all along if i would make it to this point healthy and injury free, and i have. And the timing was right - because mentally and physically, i was maxed out.

The first week, i wondered what was going on. I ached so badly. I had 2 massages that week and they hurt more than any other in the year (lots of cursing from me (hehe) - and patience from the extremely talented LMT Mike Aldridge in Mandeville). This was part of the process, i know, but as an athlete, it is sometimes difficult to trust in the program set forth- but you just have to. That's the only way it will work. My training is right on, and the first week in the taper is supposed to feel like this. I know this, but for some reason I struggle with it. In the monent, I just think i'm supposed to feel good right away - ha! I know that the timing of fatigue and mileage are different, but for some reason, i let my mind question what i know. thats the wacky athlete in a state of mush talking. this is what taper does to me. suddenly everything changes, and the stars are out of allignment, and most people around me don't get it. That's what makes it difficult, yet kinda funny at the same time. Like I'm the only one "in" on an inside joke....I look forward to the taper in the heavy mileage weeks, but when i get here, it wreaks havoc. but you gotta love it. the big day is nearing....

week 2 - things start turning around...Just yesterday after about 10 days in, my body stopped feeling all the fatigue i have had over the last few months and the "burn" in my quads was nearly absent the entire hour on the bike.
On the flip side, BOOM..i have had some tightening in my chest and am scared to death i am getting sick. scared so much that i have been inside resting and bombarding my body with fruits and vegetables, soup, tea, vitamins, zicam and other medicines - whatever i think will help. to get this far, and to have an illness come up - well, im trying not to think about it. The hay is in the barn, as Donnie used to tell me. and only rest will help me now. I have never just went cold turkey a week before for an Ironman, but if i have to, i will. this is a mental battle - for so long, i have trained nearly daily, and a week before the race - nothing. but focus in on the 13th. i will stay positive - it will pass before the race.
I leave for Kona in 3 days.....

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