A New Development

Yesterday, I was flipping through Mike's (my Massage Therapist) Trigger Point Books - I like to read up on a lot of stuff when I have a weird lingering injury because i always wonder if there is something else going on that maybe we're all overlooking....

Well, I found something. A trigger point in my calf (when I was reading the book, I showed mike what i found...) and when he hit it - it sent me squriming!

Back in Clearwater, I remember having a pain in my hip, to the point where I was ready to stop because it hurt so bad and I had never had it before so I was spooked. It was kinda at the top of my leg in the backside (like the lingo?), but since I loafed around for a couple of weeks after the race, I never had it again. Well, after my library session yesterday in the massage room, THAT seems to be a trigger point related to the soleus trigger point we found yesterday. Go figure.

So, after the massacre on the massage table, I came home to ice and found myself lying in bed the rest of the day foregoing my scheduled swim practice. I felt aweful and I wasn't sure if it was just from the massage (sometimes they make me feel really bad afterwards), or if I picked up some bug at a New Years shindig....anyway, so I crashed for the day, then this morning I woke up and VOILA! NO PAIN in my heel!!! Can you believe it?

So this morning I decided to cross the lake and ride the IMNO 70.3 bike course with GNO TRI. Something new for me as I always ride up here on the northshore. I got caught in the fog over the causeway this morning, so i was running a little late. I parked a little ways down on the lakefront and was able to hook up with the Giro. I'm sure they weren't too happy to see me with my aerobars and all, but after we caught the tri group - i pulled off and rode the rest of the way with them. I like the steady pace of a tri ride anyways - I'm not a big fan of the drafting surge/slow road bike mentality anyway.

The Heel was good all day. No ache on the bike or afterwards - and none in the pool either. I am so excited. I will try to run tomorrow and see how it goes.....

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Gilbert Fisch said...

Hi Caroline. I am happy to read that your heel is better. I did fight facitiis plantaris for almost three years. The I found a fact sheet in the library of a hospital that explained the cure of a bad case simply with stretching exercices. They said you need to do the three major calf stretches three times a day for three minutes each. Makes a total of 27 minutes a day!!! I did it and three weeks later I was running 8ok a week without pain. On top of that I used a triggerpoint massage roller on my calves every day in order to get rid of all the trigger points. So if you want to remain injury free try it - it works. Happy New Year and lots of success!!!! I am looking forward to seeing you in New Orleans. Gilbert