Wishful Thinking

Well, I thought the heel was better...but it's not. I went for my test run yesterday (after 3 weeks of no running at all) and man, did it feel good to run. but the heel....not so good. I could feel it the entire time, but it was very mild, so i just kept on. after that, i went for another easy swim (and i could feel it in the water - hmmmm) then came home to ice it.
I felt it all last night in bed - I even took my splint off since it was making my heel ache with the pressure of the bed. that sucked - but at least i could sleep after i took it off.
This morning, I woke up to the typical morning "owie" of Plantars. I immediately put the shoes on and it seemed to be a bit relieved. and it seemed to loosen up as the mornig went on. I think that's a good sign, since before, it was bad all off the time and never seemed to loosen up as the day went on.
I had another massage on the calf this morning and mike did his usual magic and now the heel feels good. It just all comes down to stretching and blood flow - just like the doctor said! Imagine that!
So, I'm going to try to re-introduce the run slowly here - 3x a week and see how I can manage that. I plan to keep the swim up as I have really enjoyed the extra yardage I have been putting in....who woulda thought that?

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Damie said...

Bummer! I thought the trigger point had solved it! Keep working at it- attack from all angles. :)