Still Alive....and Kickin'

Oh my GOSH...things have been so crazy. I dont have much time, so I'll give it all to you in a nutshell. I've been training and racing- did IMNO 70.3 - did OK, not great, but not aweful...then I did some smaller races locally...then Crawfishman...then Gulf Coast Triathlon....then Memphis in May....then I took a break. I needed it.

But then my break got very busy as Ryan and I moved. what a pain moving is - but it is nice to be in a bigger place. Have not been able to catch up on sleep though as there is always sonething to do. as a matter of fact, i feel like I sould be doing something other than writing on my blog right now....but anyway....

so the last few weeks I have been holding onto my fitness the best I can whils getting settled in and tring to figure out the rest of the race season.

Now, the highlight of the first half of the season you ask???
Well, I won my first Pro Race! Big deal for little ol' me!
ok, well, gotta go....for now


Damie said...

Glad you are still around? What pro race did you win? That is AWESOME! I know it feels good to get some feedback for all of your hard work. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Hi Caroline. So good to get a sign of life from you. I was just about to drop you an email asking what the heck was going on. Congratulations for your first win as a pro - keep on rocking! Next Sunday I will race IM 70.3 Switzerland. I am in the best shape ever - let's hope for that Clearwater slot. Keep your fingers crossed. Gilbert.