so the weekend started pretty normally....friday was my catch up on stuff day - a day off from training when the load starts building up. Also, On friday, I get to prepare for my weekend which will include a lot of miles now since I signed up for IRONMAN TEXAS in May. Ive got about 9 weeks - so it's crunch time for the mileage.

Saturday was my long ride - 100 miles with the bonus of 2 flat tires from keith, so it took a little longer than usual, so that cut into my swim a bit, but i still got one in before going out to dinner. Then Sunday - an early long run through old mandevlle, the lakefront and Fountainbleau State park, then church, family, and alas...a little social activity.
It all started to go downhill (or uphill, depending how you look at it) with the margharita's, but it was a fun time and I've been in need for that for some time.

However....it took more than a day for me to get over the booze and the time change sleeping issues, but i feel back on the wagon today :-) enough for a strong 10 miler in what is likley the last of the cool weather of the season, and a fantastic hour on the bike. if all goes well, i will get to top the day off with my own little swim in the spring sunshine before it's time to coach...

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