Crescent City Classic 10k

April 7th, 2012
New Orleans, LA

The biggest 10k in the region, and I got the star treatment this year. Thank you to the CCC staff (Andrew Lilly) for recognizing the slowest fast runner (or fastest local masters runner) in the New Orleans area and letting me be grouped with, and just be in the presence of some of the best runners in the world like Teyba Erkesso, the 2010 female Boston marathon winner.

The morning started out with a van ride from city Park - then to the Sheraton where we picked up the REAL elite runners - then we got a ride to the start! This was a first for me, since every year since I began to run in 2002, I always parked to the finish line, then ran down esplanade avenue to the start as a warm up. That has always tacked on a few more miles - so when I heard I could get a lift this year, I jumped at the opportunity to run a little less and maybe set a PR!

"warming up"
I'm the one waving and giggling...

post awards - goblet in hand, full of Abita Light Beer.

The race was hard as always. I remember being cold at first in the morning, but by the 5k mark, that sun was up and it was heating us up. As ususal, I was a little too eager in the beginning, perhaps went out a little too fast (sub 6min/mile), but settled into a nice borderline puke pace which brought me to the 5k mark at 18:57. After that, it was all about holding on to whatever my legs and heart would allow, so that's what I did. There were a few moments there when I thought I could break the 39:00 mark, but that was just a little too fast for me this year with marathon legs....keep in mind, I am running the Boston marathon in 1 week, so clearly I am not fresh and sharp and trained for a fast 10k. (or at least that's my excuse)

So by the time I made it to the finish chute - I could see the clock reading 38:44. I thought maybe if I just picked it up to the finish, I could break 39....then after about 3 seconds of that, I decided it was a better decision if I just made it to the finish line without passing out, and try again next year....and so it came to pass - 39:08.

From today's Times-Picayune article :
"...Byron Adams of New Orleans was the top local Masters finisher, crossing at 36:31, and Caroline Smith of Mandeville was the top female local finisher. Smith, who recently retired as a professional triathlete, finished in 39:08. "

So, if you know my story, then you know that's pretty awesome for someone like me to run fast like that (ok, so I'm STILL no kenyan, or Kelly Williamson for that matter). But to rise up to officially start amongst the best in the world in a RUNNING RACE....from a non chipped clueless 11 minute mile runner back in the day...Well, it's pretty fun :)

And I might add, we had awesome post race party around the stadium & in the VIP tent with some really fun peps. WOOT! WOOT!

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