Weekend in Destin

 CHANGE OF PACE, sort of..
So I got to escape to Destin last weekend with Deb for a little fun in the sun...and, of course, training.  We got there Friday, hit the beach with a few cocktails and just took in the sound of the waves and beautiful day.  It was awesome to get away, but as usual, an easy friday and a drink or two can only mean one thing....a headache, and a very LONG Saturday and Sunday!

Saturday, I was up early for my long ride.  I took off as soon as the sun cam up and headed down 30A through Seaside, Grayton Beach, Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach and up to Hwy 98 to Panama City Beach.  It was there I hooked up with another cyclist named Fred who was headed out for some hill work on the bridge on Hwy 79.  I was familiar with this bridge as I have ridden it hundreds of times between all of the Ironman Florida races, Gulf Coast Tri's, and just training days in florida...so I decided to tag along for some hill intervals to spice some things up.  after up and down 5 or 6 times, we were headed back and got to chit chat a bit and made our way back down 30A to Seaside where  Fred headed home to tend to family matters while I hept on looking for Debra who finally rolled out of bed and got moving.  Once we met up, we went to the Farmers market in Seaside to hunt down this granola Fred told me about - and OMG, it was AWESOME.  VERONICA'S HEALTH CRUNCH ...I had a few samples of her granola, and sampled my way through the rest of the market - just enough to get fueled up for the rest of my miles and a solid run off the bike. I got to run the 4 mile Sandestin Tri race course, this time at noon instead of at 7 or 8 am like in the race itself - and oh boy, was it hot.  But a great run nonetheless - faster than I imagined it would be.
After that, it was into my suit, pack for the beach, and get an open water swim in.  It was a little rough out there with the wind, and kinda technical swimming around all the people in the water - I think everyone and their brother were in Destin last weekend!  lol...  I saw TONS of big fish - I mean even REDFISH along the shore!

It wasnt long after our swim that a quick deck change was in order and voila, margharita in hand, time to chill....finally relaxin on the beach by 2pm.  ahhhhhhh

That night, we headed to Bud & Allys for dinner - but I didn't even make the sunset as one glass of wine did me in at that point, and the morning brought a long run and another open water swim, so we headed back to sandestin, and off to bed.  My run the next morning was little to be desired, but in the books regardless.  I was glad to get it done, had an awesome swim in some calmer waters and a little bit of beach time before it was time for lunch and check out.                             Time to head home already...poo

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