Twas the night before Ironman...

I just want to get it done.

As usual, the day before a race like Ironman is all about staying off your feet, relaxing, and waiting for tomorrow.  I spent most of my morning sitting on the lanai drinking coffee and on the computer. This afternoon, I got my foot retaped by the KT guys again - one final time for the race.  After that, I got my bike and bags in order and dropped them all off at the race site.  That was the excitement for the day.

Since then, I've been at the condo, watching TV and bored out of my brains. 

The goal?  To finish. 

The hope?  To run without pain.

The expectation?  The have fun, LOVE every minute, and endure and embrace the moments that God has blessed me with.

If you would like to follow race day - the race starts at noon ( 11:30 pro start) central standard time (7am Hawaii time)


Bib # 1267

See you on the other side!!

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