This week, I got the "OK" to test the hip out.  2 weeks out from Kona. 

Mid week, I ran my first mile pain free in 3 1/2 weeks!
2 days later, i ran an ez 3.  still felt pretty good.  I did get some stiffining up later on though.

Being that I already signed up for Girl Power Tri o this Sunday, AND that it was super short (300 swim, 9m bike, 2m run), I decided to go ahead and do it, just not kill it on the run.  Plus, there was a prize purse to the top 5, so I wanted the extra spending money for Kona...I was motivated!

martini glasses to winners....
they forgot the martini :)

And race I did.  oohhh wee... I felt slow.  I suppose the fatigue from the extra bike and run miles was still deep in my legs.  Plus, I had already dropped my bike off at Tribike Transport for her ride to Kona, so I was borrowing a bike for the race.  And no bike fits like your own bike - so this one was awkward. I know I can ride any bike for 9 miles - and I did, but it was hard to kill it!  I found myself playing catch up from the beginning trying to bike and run down the younger college swimmers who flew thru the water!  I did ok on the bike - moving into second place, but  knew going into the run that my injury and my desire to not run too fast was gonna hold me back.  I tried to run 1st place down, but had to settle for second - not to shabby for an old hurt lady :)

I actually suprised myself with my run pace, but I am afraid I paid for the speed I found.  The hip hurt the rest of the day, and I got in trouble from my Dr's for running too hard.  So no more running Till Kona.  Bleh.

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