2014.  Here we go.

I have not been blogging as much as I wanted to over the past few years - so I will use the new years resolution thing to light a fire under me and get me talking and sharing.

Some really good things happened in 2013, but nothing to brag on about or desperately hang on to.  I had some good races and some not so good races, met some great people, navigated through injuries, and kept moving forward.  That's a pretty good year I'd say.  Just moving forward is a blessing.

There is one thing from 2013 I hope to kiss off however.  The extra pounds I have crept on over the year as I have been consuming LIFE.  It seems as if the sweets and booze from the holidays made it all that much worse too,  so my new year will be starting like most others - with a weight loss goal.  A little less (or different rather) life consumption for now...I understand that saying I need to drop a few pisses off a lot of people.  You see, although I am carrying extra pounds around, I know I am still fit, and healthier, and smaller than the average Jane....and my spitting out that I need to shed a few lbs seems to get people agitated.  whatever.  Remember, I used to be a big girl.  I will never go back there....

Here's what I know.  I am running slow.  I feel sluggish.  I don't fit in my jeans.  My jogbras are tighter.  My boobs feel huge (control the laughter) and move too much when I run.  yuck. 

So here's my goal for January - 8 servings of fruit and veggies every day.  If I can hit that mark, I'm gonna be ready come March.  It's out there now, and I'm on it.  Enough about that. 

Onto what's important...

TEAM ZOOT 2014! 

I have been blessed to be asked to continue on with ZOOT as a team captain for the Southeast/Gulf Coast Region of Team Zoot.  Myself, along with co-captain Kerry Mowlan in Florida, will be leading 20 of the most awesome ZOOT teammates/representatives across the region and we will be out in full force this season!  This is an awesome way to start the season! 

It's no secret I am a fan of ZOOT, as I have always loved the company, the people, and especially the product.  Born in Kona, ZOOT IS the sport of triathlon.  They have been there from the beginning - long before most everyone in the sport today ever heard of a triathlon.  I am honored to part of it.

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