anyone seen my MOJO?

So far, I think I'm on the right track. 

Life is good.  New influences in my life are positive and exciting, and it's doing me a lot of good.  only had one night of drinking since Jan 2nd...and I've been laying off the chocolate... most of the time.

The hip/hamstring seems to be on the mend as well.  It's still there, yeah, but I actually did my first run speed workout in who knows how long - and it hurt so good.  It was only 200's, but just having those legs move fast was awesome.  And the hammy didn't scream back.  I have Drew (massage therapist) at Franco's (www.myfrancos.com) to thank for a lot of that too..thanks Drew!!

I've increased my bike mileage (although indoors because I'm a sissy with all of my toenails right now) trying to regain some strength in my legs I've lost over the past year while tending to this hip.  I miss my squats and my strong quads and hamstrings dearly - one day they will be back.  Right now, I'm happy to do bridges and leg lifts and feel some fatigue...but it's nothing like that burn I felt when my legs were shot from climbing....one day hopefully.

As of 2 weeks ago I was down 4lbs since Christmas, which is another good sign that my MOJO is close by somewhere.  I haven't been on the scale since because numbers really don't matter to me, but I can tell you this - I have some more work to do since I still can't comfortably button my jeans.  I hate that.  That keeps me on track if nothing else.  Well, kinda. 

So the schedule is working itself out now.  Here's the plan thus far: TO GET MY RUN BACK!

Shamrockin' Run 8k - March
Crescent City Classic 10k - April
St. Croix 70.3 - May
Gulf Coast Tri (half)  - May
Buffalo Springs 70.3 - June

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