43 flowers

43 flowers delivered to my door to brighten my day. 
Yes, I counted.
There were actually 42 - Can you tell where I added a pansy to make it work? lol

Today I took the ole Orbea out for a ride...and ended up with 80 miles by noon.
 It was a little chilly - honestly, riding in temps below 50 goes against everything I believe in, but I took off at 47 degrees anyway and it warmed up nicely - 72 when I got home.
since getting home, I've managed to pig out on pita bread and some goodies leftover from my trip to Whole Foods yesterday, plop in my chair and flip thru channels realizing how much it sucks football isn't on anymore. Then, I found myself counting the months to August when It starts up again.  Too long.  Fortunately, Paul Blart, Mall Cop is on.

oh, CEEPO, where art thou?  maybe just a couple of weeks away...

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