Off Season

2 weeks later...ugh...

For the last 2 weeks, I have been resting to the max. I've slept in nearly every day. I've been doing a little running and biking here and there, but not much. Just enough to wipe the guilt away. I have a really hard time just letting go of doing some sort of exercise every day. I admit it.
Ryan and I decided we couldn't take it anymore. Enough is enough. We both felt sluggish and unhealthy. It was doing a number on us! When we let go of the training, our nutrition when out the door with it and it got ugly! I'm not sure I've ever eaten that much ice cream in a week - although I'm pretty sure Ryan has!(hehe). Anyway, we had to get back on some sort of schedule to get back on track. so we decided to do it on monday -after Thanksgiving....we were ready....or so i thought.
We headed up to Ryan's home in Missourri to visit his family and friends for the holiday leaving Thanksgiving day. This was going to be our blowout weekend before training officially starts. Like we hadn't done enough damage already! On Thursday is when I first felt sick - and I decided i wouldn't do any exercise at all as long as i felt bad - and i stuck to it. I mean, it was my off time and i didnt have a big race looming..... and this was my time off (did i say that already?), so i would just rest the entire time i was sick instead of trying to manage mileage with illness - like a normal person. It was a good call. But by the time Monday rolled around, I was still in no condition to begin training, so i stayed in bed - until wednesday. thats right. 7 full days off with nothing but rest and sleep. It's been a long time since i've done that. Maybe since i broke a rib back in '03. well deserved time off. real time off. i needed it, and wanted it - but it took me to catch a cold to get it. and it was a good thing. hmmmm...everything happens for a reason.....

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