The Little Things

Sometimes it's the little things that have a HUGE impact.
This morning started off a little rough. 4am - the alarm sounds and I have to peel myself out of bed since i was up past 11 unable to fall asleep. This always happens to me when i start back to training after a break. I'm still not sure why, because logically I would think I would fall asleep from being so tired. but no. It usually takes a few weeks for my body to get used to all this and get into my regular pattern. so anyway, I was out of it early on - drinking my coffee and gathering my stuff for my looming 3 hr workout that i even questioned if i would make it through. i grabbed a banana and made it out the door late, but to the gym in the nick of time to start my cycle class promptly at 5am. as soon as i got my legs moving, i somehow shifted into gear and ended up having a pretty good morning training session. After my weights and stretching, i felt great - glad to have completed a big workout by 8am, and glad to have not gone back to sleep....I was ready to head home for a big breakfast and a shower and when I exited the club, an old(er) man was walking in and looked at me and said "Congratulations!". I was stunned. was he talking to me? I looked around, and it was just me there. I said "thank you", and we both continued walking on. Here's the thing. I looked closley at this old man who must have been around 70, and I have no idea who he is. But he knew me, and knew i did something he thought i should be congratulated for. I can understand people in triathlon knowing i did well in some races this past year, and i am humbled by their support, but to have someone who is pretty far removed from the scene notice....well, it was way cool. What this old man said had an immediate effect on me - I was already feeling good, but now i was feeling great! I still have no idea who he was....

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