De Ja Vu

3 years ago this weekend, we drove to Destin for the ever popular Sandestin Tri for a quick sprint race and a pool party that always promises not to be forgotten - unless you had a little too much fun (which usually happens)! For those of you not from Louisiana, this race attracts over 300 athletes from this area alone along with their friends and families to this one resort, one race, and one pool. Just about everyone who lives here goes to Destin for their weekend getaways - as a matter of fact, when you are there, you are bound to run into people from home. Even the Broken Egg Cafe is there! There is one down the street from where I live, and there is one at the resort. you get the idea....

Every year I have gone for this race I have had the best time...until 2005. In 2005, I finally won this race (which is usually fun), and was ready to enjoy the big party and celebrate, but Hurricane Katrina spinning in the Gulf put a crimp in my plans as she decided to change course the night before the race and beeline it straight for home instead of the projected Florida landfall.

Some people left for home as soon as they woke up in the morning skipping the race, but most packed up and left as soon as they crossed the finish line to get home and prepare for the storm all the weather guys said wasn't coming our way 1 day prior. I decided to forego the frantic drive home and stay in Destin until the storm passed which ended up being a good thing for saftey, but a stupid thing to do in every other sense since we still had hurricane conditions there and we lost all contact with home. I felt like I was trapped in the twilight zone since I lost touch with my family and saw the destruction of New Orleans on TV (thanks to Geraldo, who I think made the whole thing worse) But that's a whole other post...and I'll spare you...

So here we are again.

The race was scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday) and we all got word yesterday (Thursday) afternoon that the race was cancelled because of that pesky little storm FAY that will not die (It's a freakin' rain storm. It's hardly a "Katrina", but they cancelled it anyway)I was soo looking forward to this weekend - getting away and having a good time with everyone (hard to do as a pro since racing is a little more serious and I have opted not to do a lot of the fun little races in lieu of bigger, more high profile races). as a matter of fact, after I got the news I was still going to go just to get out of town. But after a while, sense set in and we decided to stay home instead. what a total bummer.

So this morning I wake up for a cup of coffee and am wondering what I will do today since I will not be spending my day off of training on the beach in the sun (yes, today it's sunny today in Destin). I guess I will go to the gym and do a little cold / hot thearpy on my foot/leg....did I mention I'm hurt?? maybe i did.... still, another post :-) then cook something for the party we will have tonight to make up for missing out on Destin. Poo.

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Damie said...

Ughhh,I remember that. I didn't do the race that year (had not done a tri yet at that point), but we stayed home in NOLA. So, I remember getting phone calls from Christy and everyone else that got stuck in SanDestin to try to help them with their pets at home, cars on the side of the road, etc. Ughhh. Too bad I never got to do that race before I moved! Sorry they canceled it again...boo. Hope your foot heals soon.