Who Has Time for ANYTHING??

it used to be sleep, eat, train, sleep, eat, train, eat....but now it's sleep, turn on the TV, eat, train, eat, watch TV, eat, train...watch TV. The OLYMPICS are wearin' me out, but I can't stop watching it. I was up until 11 last night, and i had to get up at 4am!!! This is insane - and to make it worse, the finals in swimming are on last and I have to stay up for that!
But it's worth it - Like the rest of the country, I'm still high after that 4x100 swim realy. I swam like a beast today in the pool. went under :30 in my 1st 50 of a 20x50 set...the rest were a bit slower (hehe), but i haven't been under :30 in forever. Felt like a kid again.

So, if you are wonderin' where I am, I'm veggin out in front of the TV.....and I will emerge when swimming is over! GO USA!

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BreeWee said...

No kidding, it makes me want to ride the bike trainer and run on the treadmill so I never miss a moment of the action!