Wobbling Back

3 weeks after Boston, Dr. Groves gave me the go ahead to start back to running at my own will.  No stress fracture meant the pain was all soft tissue and running was ok.  he assured me the pain will shut me off before anything worse can happen to it, and that was music to my ears.  I love Dr. Jay Groves!!! He knows my mind and knows my drive...most other doc's would have said to stop running and take up something else...poo.  I run from fat, unhealthy docs who prescribe laziness and pills!!  I was ready to turn my run back 'on".

So, he said the pain will be the limiting factor, and IT WAS.  I started off on the ellipticals for a few days, then I was able to jog a little, slow and easy, with a noticibly altered stride.  I was scared to hurt something else while I was running so unevenly, but I just wanted to go.  it was running and I was just happy to be out there and breaking a sweat.  I started slowly for me - 3 miles, 4 miles, 5 miles...some days I made it 3 minutes and turned around and went home, it was just too painful for even me to withstand.  I wanted to be super careful not to let it alter my stride too badly that I would cause another injury.  It wasn't long before I eased into an every other day running plan that worked best, and was able to gently raise the mileage enough to start to rebuild some endurance.

Before Boston, I decided I would pick one BIG race and try to make my way back to IRONMAN HAWAII this year.  The race I picked was the BUFFALO SPRINGS LAKE 70.3  in Lubbock, Tx because I loved that race (i've dont it 4-5 times) and I could drive to it.  However, it was kinda hilly.  ok, really hilly.  actually Canyon hilly.  70% flat, then straight up and straight down pretty much.  I began to regret signing up for this race now that I have the foot to rebuild - as well as running endurance, but it was on the radar wether I liked it or not.

I suppose all i need is a rabbit.  that rabbit was Lubbock on June 24th.  6 weeks. 

Gulf Coast Tri in 1 week (May 12) was out.  bummer. 

For the upcoming 6 weeks, I would be teetering the line between getting the miles under my belt and getting injured. And I was ok with the risk. I was determined to get back on track, so I kept on the rebuilding, payed close attention to my foot, calf, knee - everything up the left side of my body.   I battled a few extra pounds, as well as chin splints and plantar fascitis along the way, but stayed one step ahead of them and still managed to get some modest miles in while spending time in the weight room and focusing alot on my bike and swim.  Things were moving along nicely...

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