Still no run...

Prepping for Kona without running a mile in weeks...now that's a task.  I have not been able to run in 3 weeks.  I got the go ahead to test the hip out after 2 weeks off of running.  I ran for 3 minutes and stopped.  the pain was still there.  So I was back to see Dr. Fred Miller at Doctors Chiropractic in Mandeville where he discovered yet another spot in the hip.  It seems as if the Glute and Bursitis have begun to heal well, but another trouble spot has reared it's ugly head - and that would be my Rectus Femoris.  1 more week before I could give it a try.  What's another week, right?  At this point, I am not looking to create a permanent injury that keeps me from running long term - so I am cool with another week, or longer if need be.  That statement kinda suprises me - being that Ironman Hawaii is in 3 weeks and if I dont run at all before the race - that would put me at 6 weeks.  But thats just the way it is.  And, here I go again, I am ok with that.  As competitive as I am, or have been, I am not so driven to destroy my body at any cost.

God will not protect you from what He can perfect you with.

I heard that the other day, and it resounds in me.

There is no doubt a bigger picture in this journey of mine. As much as I wanted to be on that podium in Kona at one time, I am actually ok with being out there to complete the task for a different reward.  Satisfaction.  Accomplishment.  Not  from winning or besting myself, but being out there and finishing what I started even if it's not what I expected.

It may turn out just fine - but it might take a little longer than normal. This Ironman experience is different than any other I have done.  I am in new territory.  It is taking on a life of it's own.  It has showed me how I have grown though the years in (and through) this sport.   How I have mellowed and matured.  How I can sit back and not sweat the things I cannot change.  Sure, I get a little bummed about it time and again, but it is what it is...and I smile when I say that because I DO accept it.  I am in such a good place and it is so comforting to know. 

So, I wait it out.   I have been swimming and biking like it is going out of style.  The two biggest weeks of training included twice as many miles on the bike and in the water.  I really fell in love with my bike again on those rides, riding to Barkers Corner 3-4x week for my truck stop biscuit with honey - my treat after 50-70 miles or so :)  No headphones, just my thoughts and the clarity that comes with being out on the open road. 

I am still visiting Fred Millers office for my share of ultrasound and matrix treatments and have totally laid off the stretching thinking maybe it was aggrevating the issue...lots of running rest and massage.

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