Hurricane Issac upset the apple cart.  That little rascal wasn't coming, but here he is.  And he overstayed his welcome.

I decided to stay home for this Cat 1 storm and keep an eye on the water level from Lake Ponchatrain and the trees in the area.  I have stayed home for a Hurricane before, but for several years when my Granny was still alive, a hurricane meant evecuate...so I must admit, I was happy to stay put and ride this one out.

It's really wasn't so bad for me in Mandeville - just a lot of rain and some pretty good winds. AND some long trainer rides.  My backyard is mush.

But the issue as I am sure many of you know now, was the water level.  The way that storm came in, and sat on top of us just pushing all of that water into the Lake proved to create flooding similar to, and in some areas more than what Hurricane Katrina did.  and Isaac did it EXACTLY 7 years later to the day.  eerie.

 But Cleco Power had their you know what together...

This was a good sight to see after the water receded....about 2 hours later...POWER!!! 

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