Well, I made it to Fort Collins without a hitch - and what a spectacular view once you leave the flat barren lands of Texas and cross into Colorado! I've never been here before, so I'm really looking forward to it. It was a great. uneventful drive that was much easier than I expected. I arrived at Salty and Theresa's Home (my gracious Host's!) at around 2pm to unpack and unwind and then T & I were off to ride somewhere, although it wasn't on my schedule to do. I just couldnt resist since I'd been kooked up in the car for 20 hours. I rode around - up and down some big hills (ones we have to drive an hour to find to back home) and was surprised to find that I felf so good and strong - and no big breathing issues - I was a little afraid the altitude might be hard on me...a little breathless, but it was awesome!

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