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Day 3

Back to the same ol same ol - Time for 2 hard training days back to back. I was so looking forward to the training in the altitude (we're at 5200 ft here at the house), but a little aprehensive of how my body would respond to it over two hard days riding, running, and swimming up here. Now remember - I'm from Louisisna. Part of my usual week involves being in the negatives when it comes to altitude....

Saturday Morning started with a long run, followed by a swim and another quick pm run. It went great. I was actually cool, and I barely broke a sweat after an hour into my first run! and the PM run - done at 4pm, in the "heat" of the day - it was 91 degrees - wasn't bad either. I did break a little sweat, and it was hot, but not that drenching i'm gonna pass-out feeling! Man, people up here got it good - I can see why lifestyles here are so active - because it's easy to be outside in this climate! Back home, it's so hot and humid, that if you don't like to sweat, you're out of luck. It's much more comfortable inside in the a/c! personally, I think it's much more difficult to do tri training in the "muggies" - takes more of a physical toll and mental toughness day in and day out...but that's just me!


today was the day we would venture into the foothills for my first day of Lubbock-like climbing (that would be Lubbock, TX - where my race is on June 29th). After a day of running and swimming and feeling just fine, I figured i would be ok as far as altitude was concerned. We had to go early since we had a lot of other stuff planned so we were off headed towards the rocky mountains at 6am with arm warmers on (in JUNE!). What an awesome ride. The first bit was downhill it seemed, but once we made it to the Horsetooth Resevoir, it was mostly up. gradulally and pretty easy at first, but about an hour in, we hit the big climbs that had me thanking myself for all those trips to Red Bluff I made over the past month! They were hard, yes, but do-able. 6mph was the slowest I got, with everything i had to keep my pedals moving at all to keep from falling over, and that was for quite a while. I wondered wether I would make it to the top at all or pass out first...! whatever happens happens, i thought....! It was just awesome - and the views were breathtaking (i will post pictures soon).
After the ride, I headed out for another quick run, then a nap and another swim - my days are sometimes so consumed with training they just blow by.

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