Day 7:

5430 course brick

We drove up to Boulder this morning to ride the race course and do a little run. what a beautiful course - and FAST! there are just a few turns on the bike and one section that is primarily downhill for oh, i dunno, 6 miles? maybe more. after the bike, i went out for a run on the course, and well, thats gonna hurt for sure. i ran uphill for at least 2 miles in a dirt road, then back. they say it's flat or downhill after that for 4 miles, but im not sure i believe them :-) ....then we do that loop again in the race....yeah!

after that, we went to eat in town then came home to chill and watch the tour. an exciting day in the alps, but i wish lance could have gone off the front with the leaders....

i ended up with a terrible headache and called it a day after that. hit the rack early again.

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