Days 5 & 6

Colorado Continued...

Day 5:

I have been swimming every day since i arrived, taking advantage of the cooler water temps. Sunday started with a long run in the morning which was very difficult I might say. I didnt feel good to say the least, but i chalked that off to altitude, and continued on to complete my timed workout. The dry air at 5:30 am was almost chilly and comfortable the entire way. I think i sweat a bit towards the end, but my hair and clothes were mainly dry! There was no need to hydrate as much either, but my body is still on auto mode, wanting to stop or slow for water every couple of miles...i need to fix that up here. I guess with the heat excuse back home, i have trained myself to have some bad habits. must fix those....

After my run, I went out for an ez recovery ride with theresa and salty which was supposed to be 2 hours, but a flat and a spare issue cut that ride short to about 1:15. fine by me! then an ez swim to stay loose...

Day 6:

Today was an ez day - got to sleep in and chill most of the day. which transleates to laying around a lot and watching the tour de france. training for the day included weights ans abs followed by an ez 1hr run in the afternoon, then an open water swim.

as soon as my feet hit the water, the thunder roared, so i stood there in the rain instead of getting in the water. call me a wuss, i dont care, but i opted out of the swim at that point. having been too close to call to lightening in the past, no swim is that important to me!

I felt a little guilty about the swim thing, but it has passed. i will be in the water plenty in the next few weeks...so there.

T and I raced home for dinner. I picked up this pizza from Papa Murphy's here in Fort Collins - and I must give them a thumbs up! I've never heard of this concept - but it makes perfect sense. they make the pizza for you right there - fast - then you bring it home and pop it in the oven for about 15 minutes and voila! and it was GOOD! faster than anywhere else - and fresh.

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