Does this look familiar??

Look what I chased today out in the rain in Boulder. May be no big deal for all you boulder-ites, but for little ol me from po-dunk Louisiana, it was cool.

OK, so I chased him for a little while, but it didnt last. that sucker was smokin! I want a little moped to draft off of :-)

I rode long today in Boulder again at the 5430 course and the rain set in at about 50 miles. we had a late start due to salty's lollygagging before we left - and then i got a flat before the ride - no doubt from all that damn gravel on the shoulders of the roads here. so we got a late start, and i knew the rain was comin... it was a long cold 40 miles after that, but i survived and had to thaw out a bit when i got to the car. how's that? numb toes and hands in JULY??

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Bev said...

welcome to Colorado. And THANKS for doing what you are doing. It was a big deal to meet you today at the end of my frustrating run.