Here we go.....time to race

Ironman Cancun 70.3

Why on earth do things get so crazy before I leave for a race away from home? Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one this happens to, or if everyone else in this sport goes through the same thing. I dont know what to think. I think I make it a little more difficult on myself, but maybe not. Maybe I just try to do too much to prepare for my absence in addition to the regular prep of the equipment, etc....
On Monday and Tuesday nights, I had very little sleep. By Wednesday, i was a walking zombie just trying to get through the day. That proved very difficult with all the packing required and last minute preps needed for the bike, etc... I just kept telling myself once i get to Cancun, I can sleep, sleep, sleep. Not really recommended to do this sort of thing in this sport as recovery and rest are vital, but I had no choice.
Wednesday night I stole about 6 hours of sleep once i finished packing, etc. I was supposed to run before heading to the airport at 6am, but after emailing Coach about my sleepless nights and my super fatigue, he told me not to run, and sleep however much I could. I liked that response. It was what my body wanted to hear!

So, now I`m here. I made it to Cancun without a hitch! I love it when all my luggage shows up and my bike comes out in one piece. It`s a gamble every time I fly, but a necessary evil. Last night I slept for 11 hours. WHOA. it was awesome.

So today I will check in, get my stuff, and rest some more. I am still tired, but on the upswing. The weather here is typical - sunny and hot. It will be just like home, but with more of a sea breeze. i like it.

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