Still Waiting

Well, the news is good all around. It seems like this hurricane was just that - a hurricane. Maybe now we can get that Katrina reaction out of out heads. It will be tough to convince the media to chill out though. Yesterday as we were watching Geraldo, you would think the city was sinking yet again. It is amazing how much hype the media puts out there. If there is only one sign down and a tree uprooted, they'll find it an put it on TV!

Today is Tuesday and Gustav-O is just sitting around over Louisiana pulling moisture out of the Gulf and keeping us wet. I am still in Jackson, MS with Granny and have decided to stay one more day. I hear my home is ok and the water did not come high enough to get inside (YEAH!). We have no power though, so that means hot humid sweaty nights ahead. I am sure there are plenty of tall pine trees down in Mandeville, so it may be a while -hopefully they'll get the power on soon. as far as Granny getting back home in New Orleans, well, that may be a few more days.

Yesterday (monday) was another good day running for me. I was able to get a long run in some hills early and the foot held up fine. If it stays like this, I will be so happy. It feels sooo good to run!

The weather began to turn bad at about 9am Monday here and has been raining ever since. the winds are gusting pretty good too as we are getting the feeder bands off of the storm now.

I made it to the Y here for a good tempo run and some weights and will be able to get in a swim later on. Seems a little like normal...but i'll be glad to get back into the regular swimg of things

AND THE YMCA in Jackson
for letting me train while I am displaced!
y'all are awesome.

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