The IKE effect

So what do you do when a lake takes over your regular 5 mile run ?

Well, get the mountain bike out and go for a ride of course!

Old Mandeville took a lickin' from Hurricane IKE - not nearly like Houston and Galveston,but no one really expected so much water here....the winds were just right and pushed all that that gulf water into the lake then, since we have no levees up here, it just flowed right into Mandeville about 5 blocks up. Yesterday, the water finally flowed out enough that folks whose homes and properties flodded could begin to clean up and I went to visit my friend Tommy (aka "Dr. Gunbo") who lives on the Lakefront. He was trapped up in his house for the time the water was up - of course, he had a pirogue to get around if he needed to - like paddling up the street to keep moving his car as the water rose! when I went by to see him, he was cleaning the debris from the lake out of his muddy brown pool while the neighbors were walking around with a bucket picking up crabs out out of the grass! Only in Louisiana!

Here are some of the pics in the hood....I just walked, or waded out my door last weekend and this is what I found...

notice the blower on the rear....

Look who I found....our favorite mandeville cop- YVETTE!


Eileen Swanson said...

OH crap! That is nuts, but glad you are making the best of it and staying safe! Sorry. But you look so cute in your pics. Missing you here in Vic ;-)


BreeWee said...

HOLY cow, I never saw these photos, amazing, I am so glad you are safe and all is well, a little extra water is better than it could have been! So thankful you are in a better spot then in Katrina... stay safe!