oh man, i'm tired. i guess it's from the heat, but i seem to not be able to get enought rest. wake up, sleep, eat, sleep, ride, sleep , swim, sleep. geez.

yesterday i scrapped a long ride i was supposed to do in lieu of sleep. i just needed it - and i felt so much better this morning. it pays to recover.

we are getting our first taste of fall this week and after my experience in Cancun and all the hurricanes, it is as welcomed as ever. This mornig the temp dropped to just under 60 here which is a BIG DEAL in these parts. i had a sweatshirt on when i went to the gym at 4:30am!

They say it wont last long, but it is still a nice change and a relief from the insane hottness. I wonder if Austin will be cooler next weekend for LONGHORN 70.3? Hmmmmm....


I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on my race last weekend, and going over all the drama in my head and sharing my experiences with friends and family. What a trip. The only thing that would have made it better was if Ryan was there. The time I spent in Mexico was fantastic - very calm and relaxing leading up to the event, then explosive when race day rolled around. (of course, when I say explosive, I am not referring to my time!!- if you haven't noticed that is was hardly a quickrace). I met so many wonderful people in Cancun, one in particular was Fish. Gilbert Fish to be exact. What a name!! Fish and I met as we rolled out of the hotel early Saturday morning and rode our bikes down to the practice swim going on at 7am. we became instant buds on the ride and ended up sharing our stories and experiences in triathlon (and life) over the next few days. He was there after missing his Clearwater spot in Monacco and wanted to secure that in Cancun, and I was there, well, to race well and hopefully make a little moolah. Who knew what the day had in store for each of us.

We hooked up for our pasta dinner the night before the race which was nice to have company, especially since I was about bored to death with myself and spanish TV. The morning of the race amist all the hubbub, he came over and we wished each other luck. I told hime I'd see him at the finish line...but like I said, only God knew what was in store for the day.

Then, it was at about mile 25 that I saw him on the side of the road leaning against his bike. he wasn't scrambling to change a flat, just hangin' out - so I knew it wasn't goot. but there was no time to ask as I was riding pretty quickly. then I saw him again....and again. he was out there in the sun on the side of the road for more than an hour - maybe 2. The next time I saw him I was on the run and he was standin' around talking to MJ on the side of the road cheerin' me on. He was done for the day...and I wanted to be done too, really bad... but I had to finish my race first. He so kindly reminded me of the margharita we spoke of before the race - the one waiting for us at the end of the day - which kept me running as if I hadn't earned it yet! whatever!

Anyway, to cut to the chase, Fish broke a spoke and had to call it a day early on in the bike. a total bummer and hopes of racing in Clearwater...POOF! It's hard to find the lesson in that and see the silver lining, but you have to. and he did...I hope! He took it in stride and joined me in my celebration for lunch and cocktails back at the hotel and for the awards ceremony.

Thanks Fish!

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