Ready to Roll

I`m starting to get a little edgy now. I picked up the packet and have to wait another day to race. I spent most of the day putting the bike together, cleaning it, and watching bad movies in spanish.

There`s not a lot on TV here and I`m trying to stay out of the sun - so I`ve become a vampire of sorts and only come out of my room when absolutely necessary! I`ve had enough of the american CNN network as they keep playing the same ol political doom and gloom over and over and over.....so the spanish movies are more entertaining. all those years of french in private school are doing me no good now.

So tomorrow i`m off to swim, bike, and run to work off some steam and get my legs under me for the race on Sunday...wish me LUCK!....and here`s hopin I don`t get stung by any strange sea creatures like I did 2 years ago here!


BreeWee said...

I am cheering for you! Have a super race... a SUPER fun fast one!

Eileen Swanson said...

Best wishes for an awesome race Caroline! Missing you here in Vic, but camp has been awesome so far.