Colorado...week 2


I topped off my final week of hard training in Colorado with a solo loop around rist canyon. The 5430 is in a week, so i will have a lighter week coming up, then a few hard rides just after the race -- before i drive home. I did rist last year with Salty and Theresa, so I knew what to expect I suppose. It was great - about 12 miles straight up from 3-4% to 14% - maybe higher at some points, but I'm not looking at the computer when its that steep :-)

I was happy with how the ride went, but after I got my massage, Gary Blackden (my Colorado massage guy -- mucho good!) told me he does that ride about an hour faster than me! OK, bubble burst. I did stop a few times here and there for pic's, and hit the brakes on the way down a lot....only because i was afraid and didnt know where the hairpin turnes were...plus, i still can't breathe well at 7 -8,ooo ft....but an hour? OK, whatever....

After 2 weeks of lots of hills, I am looking forward to a full day off tomorrow. much deserved, and much needed! It's amazing how I can load my training here more than at home in louisiana. Back home, I need 2 full days off when mileage and intensity increase, making it difficult to get it ali in in 5 days. The cooler temps here, along with low humidity, allow me to train more, and recover faster I suppose, so I can handle the load without totally blowin' myself up. interesting...

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