it's 5:13am and i have been at a near standstill on hwy 11 about 1.2 miles from the park where transition is. i decided to get my phone out and write a little to take my mind off the incredibly poor parking situation and the possibility that i may not even bet to the park by 6. there are countless cars behind me, not to mention in front of me...with apparently only one way in. i'm not worried about the setup and all (unless i'm out here another 90 minutes....) but the idea of being in a car sitting for over and hour before a half ironman isn't too comforting. surely i will not have the time to loosen up all this stiffness whenever i get 2 the park...i guess it wouldnt matter is i was racing age group with an 8:00 start time, but since l'm pro, it's first wave at 7am.
I've moved .3 mile in the past 10 minutes according to my GPS...man, I gotta pee :-)
more to come post race. lets hope for a good day.

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