Maybe I'm not so good at multi-tasking afterall....

that about says it all. i can do a lot of stuff, but i need time to do it all.

i have been non stop since getting back home taking care of many of the things that got away from me while i was gone. and i am truly overwhelmed.

I am flying out in the morning for Timberman in New Hampshire...and just rented a car that costs way too much in my opinion. what is up with all these TAXES. over 60% in taxes & fees. give me a break. im not a fan of raising taxes more. we're already getting screwed. and i dont make enough $$ to really get taxed on my income either and i feel this way....makes me wonder what people r thinking when they say its ok to keep upping the tax. hope nancy pilosi likes her brand new fancy jets and cushy healthcare. must be nice to have all our $$ to spend friviously, and i cant even afford a new plant.

just my thoughts.

oh, and anyone seen my altitude buzz? ive been home since friday and I can't seem to find it. maybe it's in New Hampshire!

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