ok, so my phone died....so the idea of keeping posts up to date -using my phone didn't work so well eithr...

so I made it to NH and had a great night's sleep at my homestay's house in Belmont. then it was up to put the bike together and take a little time for rest. this is the first time since i have been back from colorado that i have actually just sat around and been a bum. i like it..i need it....but now i have an itch to go out and train and do something. i plan to head to Gilford (the race site) for a little swim/bike/run later today to get some blood movin.

the weather here is not their normal summer weather - it's actually humid and overcast today, about 70-80 degrees, which is right up my alley! I was afraid of it being really dry here which does a number on my lungs, but looks good for now. Here's to humidity!

It looks like Hurricane Bill will add some more wind and rain to the race this sunday as they expect it to skirt the coast. that should make things really interesting :-) Let's just hope it stays offshore like they predict it to.

well, gotta go eat some lunch...stomache's growlin'

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