Off Again...

Ok, now Ilm off to New Hanpshire for the Timberman 70.3 (that would be a half ironman for all you non-triathletes :-)
As I sit in the New Orleans airport sipping my awesome PJ's coffee before I go to my gate, I have come to the conclusion that if I wait until I get the chance to sit down at my computer and catch up on all of my emails, update my blog...and not to mention update my ever out-dated website...if I wait, it will NEVER happen. I give in. I am so far behind on my computer, I dont think I will ever catch up. Not to be negative, just realistic. I think maybe I keep avoiding it since I know how long it will take to do it all...maybe. I dunno. So here I am typing my little texting fingers away as I await boarding. I should have figured this out long ago.
at least i can keep my blog up 2 date
the one thing about using my phone to post on here is that i have limited characters.....so i will have to continue on another post...which i will do today as i continue my travels.

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