Back to the HEAT

Whoa....I forgot how hot it is down here!

this weeknd was my first time back in the Heat and whoa, it's steamy! All the time I have spent away over the past 2 months it has gone from Hot to WAY HOT here at home. This morning I decided I would ride with the group since I had such a good time riding with the group at camp. With all the solo training I do, I forgot how good it can be mentally to train with friends...and it doesn't hurt physically either. the group here is strong and I feel like I got a good solid ride in with other there to keep me going to the end. and then there was the run. OH MY GOSH! I had my fuel belt ready to go with the water frozen in it - and 10 minutes in, the ice was melted - 15 minutes in the water was warn and it was time to turn around. I poured one of the bottles over my head and saved half a flask for the 1 mile to go mark. It was everything in me to make it back to the car - the only thing keeping me from stopping was that if I stopped - it would feel HOTTER! well, i made it, and unloaded another full water bottle from my cooler over my head and proceded to head over to the only shaded part of the lot to sit down and try to cool off.....everyone was sippin' their cold beers, but i stuck with the recovery drinks since I still had to get a swim in before the day was over...

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Jennifer Cunnane said...

Glad to hear how well your training is going! I would love to catch up with you again at a race - you are doing so well! What do you think about New Orleans 70.3 - right in your backyard???